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Paula and Patrick, Ireland:

We heard of the searches carried out by Ruslan from friends of ours who had successfully received information on their little boy’s birth family, and we decided we had to try and see if we could get some information on our little girl Nadia and little boy Adam, both from Kazakhstan.

We found the whole process very professional, firstly dealing with Anna, and receiving templates of letters suggesting what we should write to the birth family helped a lot.

The reports we received from Ruslan far exceeded our expectations. We couldn't believe how thorough he was, the detail was amazing, he got a lot of information and little details that we hadn't known and dealt with the birth family and especially the birth mothers with great sensitivity and kindness in what was a difficult meeting for them. He also went to such trouble taking so many fabulous photos, both of the birth family and of the scenery around where they live.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ruslan to anyone who is considering doing a search for their children’s birth families, information like this is priceless for our children, it also opens a line of communication with the birth family, and it is now possible to send letters and photos to them in the future.

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We used Anna to find the birth family of our son last year. We sent all the documents in April to Anna James.We were told the search would begin end of July. By mid August  Ruslan found our son birth mother, grandmother, and sibling that we didn't know about. He sent us a full report of the meeting with all of them in September. We asked for a DVD, so we received that in November. Ruslan dealt with everything in a professional and efficient manner. We are so glad we went down this road. It now gives our son the true story. His story. We are so glad we used Anna James and Ruslan and would highly recommend them to anyone.

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Ruslan handled our search in an honest, quick and professional manner. If my daughter desires to meet with her birth family one day, I will contact Ruslan immediately! Thank you Ruslan!

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My husband and I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism of Ruslan's search to find the birth families of our two children. His work has been extremely thorough, compassionate, and perceptive in sourcing information that will be an asset for our children throughout their lives. He does not shy away from providing difficult news but also has a gift for seeing the silver lining - in what were inevitably difficult situations for these families. 

We plan on using Ruslan in the future as an intermediary between our family and their birth families. The fact that he understands and has met these families will be beneficial in helping us to build a bridge between our families. We endorse Anna and Ruslan's work without any hesitation and recommend them to other families who want to provide more clarity, information, and peace of mind for their adopted children.  

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Roger and Karen:

We adopted our then 2-year-old daughter in 1997 from Kazakhstan. She has always been very inquisitive about her birth family. Finally, Karen and I decided that we wanted to proceed with such a search. If successful, it would provide Deanna with some answers as well as possibly provide us with a family medical history. Karen discovered that Anna did such searches through a reputable contact in the Ukraine.

In February 2004 we contacted Anna and provided her with the requested information. The initial search done by Ruslan was completed in June of that year, but was not successful. Ruslan, however, was determined to try again and by December 2004, was able to locate the family. It was a terrific success, as Deanna found that both birthparents were living as well as 8 brothers and sisters, all as a close-knit family unit. Deanna's early medical problems had necessitated hospitalization far from the family home. We also were provided photos and information on all grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

We have been corresponding, through Ruslan, and hope that this will continue for years to come. Deanna is overjoyed as she has received letters from her birthmother and sisters. She is now a healthy, happy girl of 10 (going on 15!) and this summer she has gone to Russian language camp in Minnesota to enhance her limited skills in Russian.

I must say that both Anna and Ruslan have been a joy to work with. They are both very prompt in answering inquiries and most efficient with what they do. We recommend them highly!

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Roisin, Ireland:

I cannot recommend Ruslan, Anna and their team highly enough in carrying out searches for your children’s birthmother/birthparents. I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of detailed information I received on my son’s birthmother and extended family.

I was overcome with emotion on receipt of such precious, priceless information, but what touched me most was the sensitivity and compassion with which Ruslan’s researcher handled my son’s birthmother, who wept uncontrollably on seeing photographs of her son – my son – our son.

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Sam and Kim, USA:

We adopted our son from Kazakhstan more than 5 years ago. We had thought about doing a birth parent search over the years but were always very hesitant about it. After some reading and thought we decided the information would be important to our son when he was older and that we needed to try. I contacted Anna in 2006 and due to several delays, our search was not completed until 2007.

All along, I felt that we had waited too long and that there was very little chance of success. We also had very little information and the documents even seemed to allude that the information we had was not accurate. Although I was disappointed by the delays, I felt a peace about the timing of the search. I felt that it would be a miracle if the birth family was found and I prayed about it and trusted God about the timing. I believed that even if the search was unsuccessful, I could still show my son the letter and pictures I had put together and he would know that we tried and that it was important to us.
I received an email from Anna that our search was successful and that Ruslan had information, pictures and video. I was shocked and overjoyed. About a week later, we got a lengthy report and many pictures that Leva had taken. The report was very detailed and included information about our son’s birth mother, birth father, maternal grandmother, maternal great grandmother and even some information about his birth mother’s brother and grandfather. I was very touched by their willingness to tell their story and have their pictures taken. It was more information that I ever hoped for. The most moving part of the report was a letter that his birth mother wrote to us and to our son. The family was very happy to know that he was alive, happy and healthy. It was obvious that they had not forgotten him and truly cared about him. I know the report will be very meaningful to him when he is older.

I cannot recommend Ruslan, Leva and Anna highly enough. Anna was very prompt at answering emails and answering questions. It was obvious from our report that Leva was sensitive and caring and able to build a rapport with the family. I am so happy that we decided to do the search even though success looked impossible. We also have the option to correspond with the birth family through Ruslan, which will allow us to remain anonymous. I hope our story is an encouragement to those who think their search would be impossible. I know that not every search is successful but I am SO glad that we went through with it and I think I would have always regretted it if we would not have tried.

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Sharon, Illinois:

Anna and Ruslan are very professional in the work that they do for people. In our particular case they were able to gather alot of information on our a children's birthmom as well as extended family. Ruslan was very efficient in the amount of time it took to get the information and get it back to us. I was expecting it to take alot longer than it did. They have been clear about costs and never asked for more than what was agreed upon. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for their child(ren)'s birth family -especially in Ukraine.

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Shelley, California:

I have used Ruslan for two searches; one of which was immediately successful and the other was not. What was notable is that more than a year later following these searches I was contacted by Ruslan indicating he had more current information for my unsuccessful search and that a second attempt might be worthwhile. I approved a second attempt and though the new address did not ultimately lead to my DD birthmother the searcher did locate her. Ruslan and his team have handled both searches with care, sensitivity and thoughtfulness. The information I have gained has been priceless to my daughter and son. They now know who they look like and what characteristics they share with their Kazakh families.
Perhaps even more importantly my children have a connection with their heritage and past. In both instances the searchers have obtained addresses and indications from the birth families that they desire communications. I can think of no better gift to give a child than the connection to their first family.

I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Ruslan and his team.

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As I sat and read the lengthy, in-depth report about my daughter’s birthmother, I felt like I was reading a touching novel. It started with a detailed description of the actual meeting between the searcher, Leva, and the birthmother, which gave me a sense of the emotion the birthmother felt upon learning that we were searching for her.  After reading my letter to her, she agreed to answer all of my questions. I now have a “birthfamily tree” which details names, birthdates and information about her birthparents, uncles, aunts, grandparents and great-grandparents.  Additionally, I have valuable health information about her family and understand the origin of her talent. We also finally have answers regarding the circumstances surrounding the relinquishment which will mean the world to my daughter one day. My heart is full of love for this lady who made a very difficult decision and am so excited that she is willing to continue contact with us through Ruslan.

Ruslan, Anna and Leva were not only incredibly wonderful through this process, but the level of sensitivity shown to the birthmother was touching.  I truly believe it was because of that sensitivity that the birthmother agreed to open up as much as she did. As for logistics, everything was just as presented including what would happen, when and how much it would cost.  This group is truly an amazing team and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is searching for birthparents.

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Sue, New Hampshire

We adopted our daughter from a Moscow orphanage back in 1996 when she was 18 months old. We never even considered that it would be possible to locate her birth family. She has always wanted to know what her birth mom looked like, and we always felt bad that she would never know. As she has gotten older, she has asked if we could go to Moscow so she could at least see the place she was born. As I checked into this, I came across several websites indicating that they specialized in finding international birth families.

Anna and Ruslan had so many references—I checked over 20 of them, all were glowing. Anna was very honest with us that because it was over 16 years ago, it might be difficult or impossible to find information. We decided to try anyway. Within days of beginning the search, Ruslan located her birth mother. She had moved to a different apartment over 10 years ago, but he managed to find her anyway. He was persistent and very resourceful. He knocked on doors in her old building until he found someone who remembered the name of her son, which ultimately led him to her. Finding her after such a long time was, frankly, a miracle! Although she was extremely hesitant when she first answered her door, she ended up opening up completely to him, giving us so much information, despite never having told another living soul about our daughter's birth!

We have never met Ruslan, but we know he must have a very kind and soothing personality to have been able to get so much information in that meeting. We got a detailed nine page report, as well as photos. Within a week of meeting Ruslan, our birth mother sent additional photos and a short note, which Ruslan translated and emailed to us very promptly. Our daughter has more information than we ever thought possible. She did not know we were doing the search, as we wanted to be able to decide how, when and what to tell her, depending on the outcome. When we told her, she was overcome with emotion, and told us that it was best gift we could ever have given her.

We completely recommend Anna and Ruslan. Anna was professional, thorough and patient with all our questions and every email was returned promptly. Ruslan seems to have an incredible sensitivity toward approaching birth family members, as well as the tenacity and commitment to make the search successful. Our birth mother was “ashamed” of her “sin”, yet he put her at ease. That is amazing to us! Anna and Ruslan make an exceptional team, and we will always be grateful to them for the incredible gift we have been able to give our daughter!!!

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Susan and Sveta:

Ever since her arrival in America in 1999 at eight years of age, my adopted daughter has mourned the loss of her older brothers and sister who remained in Russia. She worried about them and had so many unanswered questions about her early years. I didn't know how to help her. I wanted her to have a sense of connection with all of the parts of her life. It was difficult for her to heal and fully embrace her life in America. Just when my daughter was emotionally stable enough to search for her roots in earnest, I serendipitously learned of Ruslan's work. We contacted him through Anna who was supportive and quick to respond to our request. We emailed Ruslan about what Sveta hoped for from her search. After reviewing the papers we sent to him, he proposed a plan that was realistic and affordable. We mailed pictures and the search began.

Certainly everyone's situation is different, but in our case, we received more than I ever dreamed was possible. Sveta has an open invitation to correspond with her siblings and a whole album's worth of pictures, maps, and family information. To have someone willing to knock on doors in Russia and gently build a bridge back to a child in California is mind boggling. Each step of our journey was handled with the utmost patience, sensitivity, and professionalism. The translation service was great. Every communication we sent was answered quickly and sincerely. Some of what we learned wasn't pleasant but was related in an optimistic, hopeful manner. I highly recommend Ruslan's work and commend every parent out there who is willing to reach across the miles and honor an adopted child's story. Sveta and I are always open to communicating with families who are contemplating a search.

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Susan, Michigan:

I just read Ruslan's full report of his team's successful contact with my daughter's birthfamily.  My expectations were totally met -- in fact totally exceeded. I have extreme satisfaction in their professionalism in how they approached my daughter's birthmother and conducted this entire search. Leva is obviously a warm and kind person who can put people at ease -- it came through in every page of the report. I was so surprised at how much information they were able to gather through the thoughtful, detailed questions that were posed.  I also appreciated the report's explanations of the unspoken details that were a part of the whole story.  Lastly, I so appreciate Leva's obvious consideration of my the birthmother's feelings -- this really left the door open for an on-going communication which I hope to foster in the future.

Please know that their work has been a blessing to me and my daughter, and I feel it’s been a blessing to my daughter's birthfamily as well.  Thank you!

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Susan, Staten Island, NY:

We used Ruslan to find our daughter’s birth family in the spring/summer 2008. Ruslan did a remarkable job. He not only gave us photos and a report about his visit with her birth mother, but he included information about Nina’s extended family, the area in which her family grew up, and a map and pictures of the area. He was obviously able to communicate in a sensitive enough way to gather the information from people who were wary of talking to strangers at all, much less such a personal and difficult issue. I was very satisfied with the whole process.

Susan, mother to Nina, age 5, b. Almaty

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