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Melissa and Vytas, Illinois:

Anna and Ruslan recently located our daughter's birth family in Russia. We were very impressed with both of them and their work. We received an incredible amount of information about the birth family, including a detailed report, numerous photos and a DVD. Much more than we had expected. Natasha, the associate who met with the family, handled the meetings with the utmost sensitivity and understanding. We would highly recommend Anna and Ruslan to anyone interested in locating birth families.

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Anna and Ruslan,
What you do is a great and generous gift. Thank you so much. It is a confusing world for children no matter if they are born with you or adopted. Anything that is there to help them completely feel their identity as they grow is important. I want to be able to reach out and hand them as much as possible if they ask.

I want to share with the giving women who blessed us with these children. I also want to Thank you for helping me connect with people on the other side of the World who have forever a place in my heart. Not only have they opened my heart to these children and families but to a small piece of understanding of the World and how blessed we are and how much we have to be aware of and be open to reach out to. In just the years since we were there I hear of how the country is developing economically but the difference in how pay and costs are so great. Also the struggle between cultures and race as is in our Country. I hear of things such as the Youth killed in Russia while going to College and it being a repeated crime of Hate. I feel the connection and the pain as if it were in my neighborhood.
Thank you for drawing us closer to our children, their other families, our world. You have shared wonderful things that will forever touch me and change my life. I hope that there may be something more I could do for you and that you will be open to ask.

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I am adopted. I knew nothing about the facts of my background and much of what I was told, for the most part by well meaning relatives and family friends some thirty plus years after my birth, turned out to be wrong.

My mom and dad, who raised and loved me deeply, withheld the information about my background with every good intention and every warm feeling. They wanted me to believe that I was “their daughter” and in the late 1950’s they were also protecting the integrity of my birth mother. Also, it is not lost on me that they probably could not have imagined what society would be like in 30 – 40 years regarding adopted children or even the value and/or necessity of legal documentation and medical histories.

I am their daughter. I could not love my parents more. But it was very hard to learn that they withheld the truth from me and to have to search, on my own after their deaths, for the facts. I understand what they did and even why, but I don’t believe that it benefited anyone the way that it was intended too. We all simply lived with lies and it hurt us all in different ways. You can not change the truth. It simply is what it is and in my opinion the truth is always better, especially in the long run, than a lie – no matter how well intentioned that lie is.

So it was an emotional as well as a practical issue when we adopted our daughter from Russia to consider learning as much as we could about her background. I didn’t have any idea how to start and we had been advised not to try by some family, friends, and even Russian adoption workers. You’ve probably heard the wide range of reasons for their opinions. But based on my strong beliefs, formed by my own adoption experience, and with the overwhelming love I felt for my daughter I was absolutely sure what the right thing was.

I heard about Ruslan at a large northeast regional adoption conference, not as part of the seminar presentation, but directly from other parents in the room. Three different families offered me their highest recommendation of Ruslan and echoed all of the things I have read from other families who have offered testimonials on this website. I too agree with these testimonials.  Ruslan, Anna and their team are professional, compassionate, and fair. They do not require payment unless they are successful and most importantly they provide thoughtful, extremely detailed, comprehensive reports and precious photographs. It was also very important to my husband and I, both out of respect and the hope of an on-going relationship with the birth families, that contact with the biological parents and relatives be accomplished in a discreet and kind manner and this was exactly what happened. I will also add that we have had the good fortune to become friends with a person from our daughter’s Russian birth city. When she traveled back to Russia to visit her family, based on Ruslan’s report she was able to contact and meet with our daughter’s birthmother. She provided us independent confirmation of all of the information in Ruslan’s report and even confirmed his perceptions. I add this because I know searching that does require another leap of faith, but you’ve already proven your willingness to have that faith when you adopted your child. And again from my experience and what we’ve learned about our daughter’s history, don’t wait to search. Waiting means that facts are lost or clouded or the people you most want to contact might be gone.

I hope what I’ve written helps Ruslan and Anna because their work is worthy of the highest recommendation, and I hope that in some way my letter of recommendation helps you to be sure about your decision to search. I truly believe that it is one of the most loving things that you can do for your precious child. I hope that your child never has to hear (or search) for the truth alone, but instead that it is lovingly given to them by you as their parent(s).

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My children are the world to me. When we adopted them from Russia, we had no desire to contact the birth family. We really did not even think about it. We decided that we would tell our children everything we knew (which was very little) and let them live their lives with that information. But as time passed, the small amount of information did not seem like enough. I love my children so much that I wanted to give them the opportunity of knowing everything about themselves, or at least try to find more information for them.  When my friend decided to do the search with Ruslan, I signed up too. At the last minute, I decided not to do the search. I was so worried about what I would find out and worried that something bad might happen. When my friend's search was completed, I could not believe how much information she got and how empty I realized my childrens lives would be if I did not do the same.

I got up the courage to do the search one year later. I got really nervous again when my friend questioned why we were doing the search. I decided to just go for it and a few weeks later I got an email from Ruslan saying that he had successfully found the birth families. As soon as I got that email, I was overjoyed. Finally, the big mystery was told. Some of it was good, some was sad. Both birth families were so happy to see that their little miracles were doing well.  Now my family knows the truth and my children will never have to imagine or fabricate stories of their birth families. I will share this information with them as they get older, and eventually let them read the whole report. When I read it, I absolutely have a perfect picture of their first life, and Ruslan and Leva were so sensitive to the birth families. I would only choose Ruslan to do the search for my family. I did not trust anyone else to do such an important job for me. Anna was great too. She always answered my emails and made communication with Ruslan very easy.

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Naomi, Ohio

Ruslan conducted a search for my son's birth mother in the State of Buryatia, near Lake Baikol, just north of Siberia. It is quite a trip, as I well know, plus he had to travel out into the countryside. Ruslan was able to find my son's birth mother, obtain the name and birth date of his birth father, get pictures of both birth parents, a birth sibling, uncle and cousin. He also took pictures of the house she grew up in and the house and village she currently lives in. Ruslan wrote a report containing information about my son's birth family along with his own observations. As I read the report and studied the pictures, I could hear and see my son in all of it - the personalities, the strengths, his nose, his arms, his mouth. It is a treasure!

My son is 8 and helped write the letter we sent to his birth mom. He seems very happy with all this new knowledge and is comfortably sharing it with friends and family. We hope to have further contact, as Ruslan's report indicates that my son's birth mother is open to this. She was not highly emotional during the visit (just like my son) but asked Ruslan to thank us for the letter and pictures that we sent. This must have been so much for her to take in when Ruslan showed up at her door. We are so grateful that she was approached in a manner that respected her circumstances and enabled her to share with us and leave the door open for future correspondence.

Anna has been a terrific intermediary, answering questions, keeping us informed and providing guidance.

I have every confidence that this search was the right thing to do and Anna and Ruslan were the right people to do it. I look forward to continuing the journey begun.

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Natalie, Maryland:

I asked Ruslan to contact the birth families of my two adopted children. I felt it was important for me to have as much knowledge as possible about my children’s pasts. I knew my children would eventually ask questions and I wanted to be able to look them in the eyes and tell them I did all I could to have that information for them.  I had very unpleasant information surrounding one family and only a scrap of information on the other family. Ruslan was able to make contact with both families. In one of the cases he was able to get a vast amount of information--the birth parent’s story of how the child came to be in an orphanage, medical history, family history, and multiple photographs. In the other case, Ruslan was able to get some family information and contact addresses. Throughout this search, Ruslan contacted me regularly to make sure I wanted to proceed since he felt the information was not as complete as I had hoped for and the birth mother refused to meet with him. I, on the other hand, welcomed any information Ruslan could obtain and feel he did the best he could to get the most credible information available to him and his sources.

I cannot find words to express the great lengths Ruslan went through to obtain some of my information. The information he obtained is priceless to my family. I trust Ruslan and Anna, I have no regrets about searching out my children’s birth families, and I highly recommend Ruslan and Anna as an honest and trustworthy source to search out birth families in Eastern Europe.

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Nicole and Gary

I have read and read and reread the reports the Leva/Ruslan team wrote in the fall of 2005. We decided on using the team after reading a lot of information from other’s who had experienced their work. For both of our children, the information is so plentiful and detailed that I find myself discovering new aspects with each reading. I was so touched by the sensitivity demonstrated by Leva in interviewing the families that there is no question in my mind that they felt comfortable and trusting of him as well.

The decision to search is so personal when one’s children are too young to understand the implications of adoption. As soon as I learned that birthparent searches in Russia are possible, it never entered my mind to not try and get as much history, medical, and social content for them now, while the adoption trail has not gone too cold. Aside from all the information we received, I feel relieved in the knowledge that the birth families now understand how loved and cared for our children are, and how grateful we are to them.

My husband and I were so impressed with the photos, detailed reports and professionalism that we would not hesitate to recommend this team to anyone interested in finding out about birth families. The cost was very reasonable, not that one could put a price on gaining the type of insight and information we received through searching. I have no doubt that our children in time will come to value the information and also be thankful for the effort. Thank you again Ruslan, Leva, and Anna.



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