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Liz & David, North Carolina:

Ruslan was able to locate our daughter's birth mother and father, as well as a grandmother and brother.  He sent me several pictures, which will be a wealth of information for our daughter when she gets older.  I can't describe the emotions that I felt when I opened those pictures, and saw what a strong resemblance our daughter has to her birth father.  I can't recommend Ruslan and Anna enough for what they have done for our family.

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Liz & Stephen, Philadelphia, PA:

We had reports on all three of our children adopted from Russia, Anastiasia now  8, Denis 6, and Stefan 3, and the information and pictures are priceless to us, and will be to our children. I cannot express how deep a sense of peace I feel having some of the puzzle pieces of each child's past now brought into the light.  While there is sadness here too-in each case a family gave up a precious child-out of those sad circumstances our new family grew, and grew in great joy. As each of my children grows up and, in his or her own way, develops a sense of self, the information from these search reports will make a strong contribution to completing that sense of self by clarifying each one's Russian "past," where they each began their lives. We hope to stay in touch with each of their birth family's and someday meet them.  What a gift it is to know that is now possible.

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Lola, Texas:

I adopted my daughter from Kursk, Russia, in July of 2004.  From the first time that I met my daughter in the orphanage, I often thought about the woman who had given birth to her, and I thought about other members of her family, as well.  I knew that someday, I wanted to be able to provide my daughter with a more complete picture of her life story and Russian heritage.  Additionally, I wanted the birth family to know that the little girl they had to relinquish for reasons beyond their control, was happy, healthy, and loved beyond measure.

Earlier this year my feelings to search became stronger and I felt like it was an urging in my spirit that I could not ignore.  I prayed and prayed, asking for God's guidance and for affirmation that this was something I could do that would be good for everyone involved, especially for my daughter.  I read other stories of families who had done this, and then I knew that this was something I would diligently pursue.

I truly believe my prayers were answered when I found Anna and Ruslan, and their wonderful team of people who have this amazing gift of uniting families.  From the moment I made my decision to search, I had so many questions, and Anna was always there for me with an answer, and if she didn't know, she would e-mail Ruslan - they always made a point to answer my questions in a timely manner.  They were very supportive and sensitive to my feelings.  Katya, one of the team members who personally traveled to the remote village where the birth family lives, really cared about what her mission was, because she didn't stop until she found the person she had come to meet and talk with.  She was able to gather so much valuable information and priceless pictures of not only the birth mother, but the father, siblings, grandparents and other members of the family!  It was far more than I imagined it could ever be.  Katya's compassion and sensitivity to the family was evident in the report that she wrote.  I plan on maintaining contact with the family.  I am so glad that I followed my heart!  I highly recommend Anna, Ruslan and the wonderful team.  They have a gift and use it to it's fullest.  They know just what to ask and how to approach the birth family with this extremely emotional and sensitive subject.  May God continue to bless their work.

Lola's post on forum:

My name is Lola and I adopted my daughter in 2004 from Kursk, Russia.  In 2006, I decided to engage in a search for her birth family.  I had no idea how I was going to do it, though.  Initially, I had asked my agency representative who lived in Kursk if she would help me.  She told me she could not.  I was so discouraged because I knew that she knew how to contact them, but I didn't want her to do something that she did not feel comfortable doing.  Also, I think her refusal to help me may have had something to do with (1) her being directly involved with the orphanage and that might jeopardize their relationship and (2) contacting birth family was not considered a good thing to do by some, maybe even MOST, Russians.  In Russia, adoptions are dealt with much like they used to be dealt with here in America about 50 years ago - keep it a secret, even from the adopted child.  Don't tell, don't talk about.  I know that some people may disagree with me on what I'm about to say - and that's okay.  I feel that adopted children deserve to know about their past, and most birth families deserve to know how and where their children are.

So, off to the Internet I went and found 2 Yahoo groups who did birth family searches.  I was "over the moon" happy!!!  I really didn't think that I would find anyone who did these types of searches because I thought maybe they were illegal or something.  Anyway, after I sent an e-mail to 2 different searchers, I prayed and prayed and prayed about which one to use.  Like your husband, I had questions - how could I trust someone I had never met, ask them to search for a family in Russia that was definitely MY daughter's family (not just ANY family), and then send them money?  I mean, we live in a world full of dishonest people who misrepresent themselves all the time to trusting people.  How do you know who you can trust????  Well, like I said - I prayed and prayed and prayed for guidance and direction.  I truly believe that God led me to Anna and Ruslan because they could be trusted to do what they said they could do, and that was to find my daughter's family.  I realize not everyone believes in God and the power of prayer, but that's what helped me know that Anna and Ruslan were the REAL DEAL!  Also, things that I had been told about the birth family from the orphanage director matched things that were in the report.  AND another thing that helped were the many, many wonderful references that Anna provided to me and I e-mailed a lot of them, and got responses.

I think it's good to question the validity of someone's character in a situation like this - it means you are smart and that you care, and you want to be sure this is right because it could be very harmful and tragic if it wasn't. It's not just a job for Anna and Ruslan - they have a mission, and that mission is to try and reunite people's hearts.  They love what they do and they are devoted to it.

I wish you all the best in your search,

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Lori and Dave, Nebraska:

We were pleased with the way that Ruslan conducted our birthparent search.  Although the birthmother was not completely cooperative, Ruslan was sensitive in his approach, and was able to obtain quite a bit of information from the birthmother and another family member as well.

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I'm really, really glad that I did the birthparent search.  Ruslan located my son's birthmother.  Even had he not I would have felt good that I tried. Everything I'm reading tells me that adopted children have a void due to being cut off from their birth family.  The more we know and can share with them (as they are ready) the more we are able to fill the void.  I feel more solid when I tell my son pieces of info that I know are true than if I were just speculating. 

I sent photos to the birth mom and she sent photos to me.  I've written her's been a year since she was found.  I don't intend to have frequent contact but would like to keep contact so that in the future we can reach her if my son desires.

I was initially disappointed to learn the facts about my son's birth family.  Now that I have accepted what I've learned I know what to "watch out for".  By that I mean that there was alcohol and drugs with the birth father and in the birth mom's family.  I will make an extra effort at prevention and be ready to intervene if my son heads in that direction.  I had not adopted through local state agencies because I feared drugs and alcohol and that is what turned out to be the case all the way in Kazakhstan. 

I thought that Ruslan did a terrific job.  He was candid but kind.  I think he was sensitive to the feelings of the birth mom too which was also important to me.  She suffered for having to give up her biological child due to her circumstances.  She was glad to learn that her birth son was happy and healthy and in a loving home.  I was glad to hear that she had given him his name (Dmitry) which I loved and kept.  I can tell him that not only did she give him life but also she gave him his beautiful name.  That also tells me that she loved him since she told Ruslan that she named him "Dmitry" because that was her favorite name.

I'm in the process of adopting child #2 from China.  One of my reservations was that my future daughter will never know anything about her birth family.  That's just the way it will have to be.  But since there was the chance of getting the info for my son I'm glad I tried and was fortunate that the birth mom was located.

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Lori K

After 10 years, I was hopeful but did not truly believe that Ruslan and his searcher, Lev, would be able to find my daughter’s birth family. However, I knew I wanted to give her whatever connections to her birthplace and birth family that I could so I decided to contract his services.   The search was successful! Lev spoke with her birth mother and learned about her son, her parents and siblings, and family health background and other personal information.  We now have a cherished glimpse of her birth mother’s hopes and dreams and an invaluable piece of my daughter’s birth family history to add to her life book.  We will be forever grateful to Ruslan, Lev, and his team.

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Lynn, Arkansas:

We recently had Ruslan do a birth family search for us in the Moscow Region of Russia. We had to wait a little longer than we expected to wait for the report, but it was well worth it!

Ruslan was able to get many details from our daughter's birth mother and maternal grandmother regarding her family history and the circumstances of her birth and placement in the baby home. We will be forever grateful for the pictures Ruslan was able to get for us of our daughters family in Russia. His report answered all of the questions we had and we would highly recommend his services to anyone hoping to find their child's birth family.

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M, Ireland:

We adopted our first son from Russia in February 1999 at 8 months of age, and we subsequently adopted our 2 other children from Kazakhstan and Russia.  We were thrilled with our 3 beautiful children but however as thrilled as we were it saddened us that we had such limited information and no pictures for our children. We decided to search for our first son’s birth parents and contacted Ruslan.  We hope to do searches for our other 2 children as soon as Ruslan is returning to our children’s places of birth, hopefully this year 2006.

The search was successful, and we now have more information for our son than we ever could have imagined! The report we received is detailed and contains copies of family photos, and many high quality digital photos of our son’s birthmother’s home and town. and answers to all of our questions and more. We are truly grateful to Ruslan, Anna and their team for all of the hard work they do and the incredible service they provide. Learning such important information that we never knew, is so wonderful for us as adopted parents and this information is so vital for our son’s identity.
We truly are grateful to Ruslan and Anna and their team for their wonderful and sensitive handling of the search.  Both Ruslan, Anna and their team handled our search with professionalism, sensitivity, compassion and discretion. We would highly recommend Anna, Ruslan and the rest of their team for any search you would be considering. They went above and beyond to gather answers to questions we had. They offered to translate for us if we needed them to for any future correspondence. The information we have been given is such a blessing and we only hope that they will continue to be able to bring families together.

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Margie, MA:

My husband and I adopted two little girls from Kazakhstan.  A year after my oldest daughter, Teresa, came home, we decided to search for her birth family. I read stories of adults searching for their birth parents only to discovered they died before they found them or that they had moved long ago, leaving their search cold. We wanted to strike while the fire was hot.

After a little bit of private eye work because my daughter’s birth mother, Vika gave the wrong address, Ruslan’s team was able to locate her at her place of employment.  Vika was very surprised and shocked, but was open and friendly.  My husband wanted DNA evidence, but when the pictures of our daughter’s birth family came over the internet, there was no doubt.  My daughter looks like her oldest brother and her older sister.  It was like my daughter was a triplet.  

We have kept contact with her birth family.  I want to keep the lines open so IF my daughter wants to contact them on her own volitions she will be able to do so with ease. 

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Margie, Maryland

We adopted two children (birth siblings) in September 1996.  Yes, fifteen years ago.  Fifteen years ago you did not go to court to adopt.  You simply went from one government office to another gathering signatures.  The only information we had about the birth parents was what was shown on the original birth certificates and in our case the papers showing the termination of parental rights.  Basically this was their names, their dates of birth, and on the parental termination was their current address at the time of the termination.

We chose Anna and Ruslan after asking for references on a yahoo group named .  A family we had met through local adoption picnics responded to our inquiry.  This helped our decision because it was a reference from a person we had met personally.

We started our search in October 2010 around the time our daughter turned 18.  She had been asking us to search for about a year.  Ruslan was very honest with his assessment  of our situation.    Since he had a searcher going to St. Petersburg soon they could check a few leads but because of the length of time and small amount of identifying information, he did not feel they would find any information.  Anna and Ruslan do not get paid unless they find something but he was still willing to try.

The searcher followed several leads before finding one that was successful.  They found the birth parents even though they had moved away from St. Petersburg.  From the birth parents we learned of a younger sibling born 3 years after we adopted.  This child lives with the maternal grandfather.

Anna and Ruslan (plus searcher) sent us pictures of our son when he was 4-5 years old.  We had no pictures of him before age 8; He was 10 when we adopted him.  These were sent before we paid them, I think to show proof they had found true relatives.  It was very definitely him.

We received a CD with many, many pictures of St. Petersburg, pictures of the village and the home where birth parents live now, and an interview with the birth parents.  There was also a 15 page written report.  This included information about our children's ancestry and medical information.  Several of the stories mentioned by the birth mother were stories our son had previous mentioned to us, but that the searcher (or Anna and Ruslan) had no knowledge.  You decide how much information you give the searcher about your family and your location.

Since then we have made contact with the grandfather and younger sibling.  The grandfather cried when he saw our son through a skype call.  He said he didn't think he would ever see them again.  Our daughter skypes regularly with her younger sibling (using an google translate).  The two look so similar there is no doubt that they are siblings.

We hope to make a trip  to Russia so our children can meet their birth family.  I say children but they are 18 and 25 now. I hope this has helped you with your decision.  If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know.

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Maria, New York:

Ruslan, Anna and their team did a tremendous job every step of the way.  The results of the search for both of my children's birthparents far surpassed anything i could have ever imagined.  I'm so thankful to each one of them for their hard work, honesty, and compassion. 

I was very  nervous in the beginning and checked other families references for Ruslan as Anna had suggested.  After hearing from so many families and their kind words for Ruslan and Anna I truly was impressed and knew this was meant to be.  I trusted them and am so glad that I did.  I wanted to have the searches done now as I know that time is precious and I might not have the opportunity again or the birthmothers might be impossible to find as time goes on.

It was a wonderful experience and I will be forever grateful to Ruslan, Anna and their team!!!  Thank you!!!!!!

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