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Karen, Ohio:

We have worked with Ruslan and Anna twice.  The search to our son's birth parents and history was not super complicated, as the records we received when we adopted him were relatively in order. That said, we are still so pleased with the details we were able to receive, including pictures of his birth family.  Most of the information lined up with what we were told at his orphanage, yet in much greater and clearer detail. 

The search to the birth parents and history for our son and daughter, a sibling set adopted 2+ years later, was nearly impossible. To be honest, we finally gave up.  We had little to no information to go on, and the information we had from the two separate orphanages didn't add up to begin with.  But, Ruslan never gave up.  His report on how he went about finding information is like reading a detective novel. He literally went from one clue to the next, traveling across towns and regions, and the documented journey itself to find our children's history is information that we will treasure forever. Of course, not only are we thrilled to have this historical journey that outlines the beginning of our childrens' lives, but he ultimately found the birth mother and we now have details that we were never provided while in country.  This includes photos, medical records, and a very personal letter from our childrens' birth mother.

It is complicated to determine what to do with this priceless information, and we will sort that out with a therapist and our children.  But, the immediate and significantly important reason for our search was to provide proof to our children's birth families that they are loved, healthy, happy children.  And, as we suspected, this brought bittersweet relief to our children's birth mothers.

We are proud to be strong references for Ruslan's and Anna's work.

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Kathryn, Georgia:

We adopted in 2002, and had wondered about our daughter's family, but had never thought we'd ever have an avenue for finding them. However, in May 2005, we found Ruslan's name on a chat board for Russian and Ukrainian adoption. After asking for references, we received many, many replies of very satisfied adoptive parents. Some of which are still in my communication chain today and are helping us as we continue to communicate and build a relationship with, the birth family.

Ruslan was quick, thorough, and delivered on his promise of when the report would arrive. The price quoted was very fair, and no monies exchanged hands prior to his completion of the search and delivering the report. We would highly recommend Ruslan and his team to anyone. As a side note, and to show the caring this team shows the birth families, our case was a sad one. The birth mother was living in absolute abject poverty. Ruslan's team member left our birth mother some money to assist her. If no other communication had transpired, this one kind and generous gesture would have been special to our family. But, Ruslan's team was able to get a wealth of information, and upon our request, went back to the birth family for a second visit, delivering more information, meeting more of the family, and sending and receiving more pictures. So many pictures in the two trips were gathered, and will be a treasure to our daughter when the day comes that she will want to know all of the facts.

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Kelly, Michigan:

We adopted our son from Ukraine in 1999. We decided to search for his birth mother after he began asking questions about her. Eight years had passed, so we felt that the path to finding her had probably grown cold. We contacted Ruslan and Anna, they found her within one month of us contacting them. We have since had phone calls with the birth mother. She was very pleased with the compassion of the search team. She said that they even helped her deal with her shock and feelings that being located had brought up. We are all excited to be in contact and have received a lot of missing information that my son had requested.

I highly recommend their services for anyone wanting to locate birth families for their children.

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Sometimes in life we end up traveling down a path that we never thought we would take.  And when we get to the end of that path there is a treasure that we never dreamed of.  That’s how we feel about our birthparent searches for our 2 children.  It wasn’t something we ever expected to do, but when we found out it was possible our hearts kept urging us to take the journey.  And at the end of our journey was a treasure that is truly priceless – the truth.  Neither of our children’s stories are exactly the truth we expected.  However, we have found much peace in knowing that when our children begin asking us questions, we’ll have the answers.

Not only do we have the story of why our children were available for adoption, but we also have the little details that are so important to young children.  Time of birth, who they look like, how tall their birthparents are, etc.  We have pictures of our children’s birthfamiles, their houses, their villages, and baby pictures of our son when he lived with his birthfamily.  Our son will not have a void of what he looked like as a baby, and neither of our children will have to wonder what their birthparents look like.

Ruslan, Anna and their team handled our searches with professionalism, sensitivity, compassion and discretion.  The reports we received are detailed and contain birthparent reactions, the searcher’s observations and thoughts, answers to all of our questions and more.  We are truly grateful to Ruslan, Anna and their team for all of the hard work they do and the incredible service they provide.

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Kerri, New Jersey:

We decided to search for our son’s biological family after reading about someone doing just that in a book on adoption. The author had used Ruslan for her search so I contacted her about using him as well. Ruslan went to the small town in Kazakhstan where my son was born and lived the first year of his life. Ruslan had an address that was 4 years old and from the address was able to trace down the location of his birthmother. It required diligence on Ruslan’s part to follow the trail. He located her and a half brother. While the story is a sad one, I feel the information is invaluable. Someday my son will have answers to questions that many adoptees have.  Ruslan’s report and photos tell a story that we never would have had otherwise.  Anna was a wonderful contact person who always responded immediately to any questions we had. We are very thankful to them both.

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We used Anna & Ruslan to conduct a search for for us last summer. Our daughter was adopted from Aktobe in 2002. Our search was successful and we were thrilled with the results.  I think that the service they provide is priceless.  We paid in installments and were able to spread it out over several months. I recommend them very highly! Good luck to all.

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Kurt and Mary, Michigan:

Ruslan's investigative work surpassed our expectations. Luckily, we were able to provide the name of a small village and the detective took it from there. The investigator must be very good at getting people to provide information as we were sent a treasure trove (a letter, photos, and even a DVD!). Our children's grandparent sent us the answers we sought and Ruslan provided a list of addresses for additional family as a way to help open the communication channel.
Thank you (Spiceba) again to a job well done and worth every American dollar.

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Larry & Cindy, Ohio:

We are Larry and Cyndi from Aurora, Ohio and we used Anna and Ruslan to conduct our two searches in Kazakhstan in 2004.  We adopted Max from Semey in 2001 and Logan from Taraz in 2004.  Ruslan was able to locate our younger son’s birth mother and obtain priceless information for our son.  It was also uplifting to hear that his birthmother was happy to know he was loved and in her words “a heavy stone was lifted from her heart”.  While our son Max’s search was unsuccessful we received pictures of the town his birthmother listed as his birth city.  We cannot say enough about Ruslan’s compassion for all involved and we were very pleased with his service.  If you would like any specific questions answered, please do not hesitate to email us at ckeilin @

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Laura, California:

I adopted my daughter in 2003 from Kazakhstan. I knew she had lived with her great grandmother (Babushka) before going to the orphanage. When I first learned of the Birth Family Search possibility, I was intrigued, but skeptical. I wanted to know more about my daughter's birth family and be able to answer her questions as she got older. And, I wanted Babushka to know that her great grand-daughter was loved and happy.

After corresponding with Anna and many families who had hired Ruslan, I decided to search for Babushka. I received my report in March 2006. It was much more than I expected! Babushka welcomed the search team and was very happy to share information and to have information on my daughter. I now have a family tree and lots of photos, including one of my daughter as a very small child. Babushka also wrote my daughter a letter, which will be a keepsake to treasure.

The two most amazing things that happened with my report include: 1. Two of the photos I received were taken by ME during my visits (I had sent copies to the orphanage director who obviously sent them to Babushka!) and 2. My daughter immediately recognized her Babushka.

In general, Ruslan and Anna's services were very professional. They were accomodating to my myriad of questions and my "special requests". Thanks to the search team, I have a wealth of information about my daughter's past and a connection to her Babushka.

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Laura, Virginia:

Through reading the report it was obvious that Ruslan turns over every stone possible.  We were impressed that when he didn't locate the birthmom at the last known address he asked enough questions to determine that the grandmother lived in a village and made the trip to meet her.  Knowing the age of the grandparents we realize now that if we had waited until our son was older we may not have been able to locate any living family members.

The photos that were given to us are priceless.  To have a picture of his birthmom and father, grandparents and siblings is more than we ever expected.  We now have some information about his lineage that we hope will provide him background if he is curious when he is older.

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Leslie, Michigan:

The work you do for families like mine is so important.  It helps to fill in gaps for our children’s lives.  My daughters will know their birth family background and it won’t be a mystery.  You provide a valuable link to their birth countries.  Plus a history of family health which can be so important.   Thank you again so much.

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I am very indebted to Ruslan.  After two unsuccessful searches, he located my son’s birthmother and I now have a detailed letter about her life and relinquishment decision.  My son is 8 and was very interested in the photos of his birthmother.  I am grateful to have a connection with my son’ birthmother for the time when he wants to know more about his biological family.  Ruslan was easy to work with (through Anna) and very sensitive to the needs and confidentiality of the birthmother.   It is a leap of faith to trust someone on the other side of the earth (whom you’ve never met) with such an important mission, but in my case it was well worth it. 

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Lisa, Belgium:

At first we were very suspicious about the search. As we are from Belgium and didn't know any organisation who can do a search we had to correspond through email with Anna and Ruslan. But we read so mutch good things about them that we started the search anyway. We didn't have an adress of the birthfamily, just their names....but Ruslan did find them!

We got a lot of pictures that Ruslan took and some pictures of the family album of the birth family. The report that we got was very detailed and gave answers to all our questions. We were so glad that we can provide our girl all the answers to their questions. We're also glad that the birth family knows now that their child is in good hands and well taken care of. When the time is right, we shall meet them someday...

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Lisa and Michael, Texas:

As a child having grown up in a family where “adoption” is just another word in the dictionary…where I never ever could imagine being given up  to be cared for by anyone other than my own biological mom and dad.  I never ever wondered what the woman who felt me grow inside of her and gave birth to me looked like, sounded like. 

Why should my daughter have to wonder all of her life?  After reading books explaining how important it is for adoptees to search for their biological families, be it in their hearts or literally searching.  I knew that as an adoptive mom I had to do something for my 4 year old daughter.  She should not have to do this alone or wait till she was “old enough”.  I thought whatever the results I will be able to at least show her, by keeping/printing all communications/e-mails that I tried when she was very young to find her birth family.  Just to tell them that she was alive and thriving and that we were totally in love with her!!!

Fortunately for us, and thanks to Anna James and  Ruslan’s team our dream came true!!!  Our daughter’s birth mother was found and willing to communicate with us.  What a gift for our daughter!!!  We have at least some information on her origins.  Things I’ve always taken for granted!  I highly recommend the services Anna James and Ruslan to help anyone find their child’s birth family.  They  are very understanding, diligent and trustworthy.  Their fee is reasonable.  We are so happy with the results of our search.  We plan on keeping in touch with our daughter’s birthmother. 

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Lisa, Colorado:

 We have two children adopted in late 2003 from two different cities in Kazakhstan.  We asked Ruslan to try to make contact with both birth families, and have had one success already.  The report we received from Ruslan on the birthmom where contact was made was very complete, including a description of the birthmom’s emotional responses which was very valuable to us, and will be important to our son as well. There were lots of photos and good explanations for each photo. We feel that Ruslan’s team did a great job of tracking down information on the potential new address for our daughter’s birth family, as the birthmom was no longer in Almaty where our child was born – and in fact was not in Almaty for long at all. We hope to pursue this new lead with Ruslan in 2009.

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Lisa, Florida:

Ruslan seems to be an angel. He has great interpersonal skills and has been extremely successful with  his contacts. I received lots of high quality digital pictures of the birth mother and the people she lives with,  photos of her passport, a picture of her writing a note to my daughter with her friends looking at the photographs I sent her.  

The search was much quicker than I expected, especially this time of the year when I thought Ruslan might wait until spring.  I sent the info to Anna and got a reply from Ruslan three days later with a price quote. Ruslan took a train for three days .   He deserved more for what he did! He could not find a car and driver in the small city and hiked over 9 miles (I have photos of this) in snowdrifts in rural country. He came upon three people in the snow and one of them was the birth mother.  Ruslan went back with them to her house. They get electricity three hours a day. Well, 100 meters from the log cabin. Extreme poverty. I got the reasons the birth mother really relinquished my daughter. she also wrote a loving note asking her to forgive her for everything.

Ruslan was very tactful and did not pursue areas the mother seemed upset about. He provided me with birth dates of grandparents including complete addresses and info about the aunts and uncles. He then went out of his way after hiking another 9 miles back to the city to look up my daughter's half brother in a boarding school there. He obtained permission to do this. He bought food and gifts and told the boy these came from his mother. He took several photos.  Ruslan also got the birth mother to part with several original photos from her album with the reassurance he or I would return them or good copies via the mail. These pictures contain a photo of the birth father and other family members.  

Ruslan never took any money until AFTER he had completed the trip. I was prepared to send Anna a cashiers check when she mentioned she could take Paypal so I used that.  Ruslan's typed report arrived a few days later and is 6 pages long, answers health questions, etc. We wrote the grandmother who lives far away in another region. She wrote us back and one day we received a letter from the other half sister who now lives in an orphanage. We exchange letters and packages. The girl is 14 and a family I know is pursuing adopting her.

I am so pleased I did this. Yes, I was fearful and did not want to disrupt this poor woman's life. I am convinced having a person show up who has done this and has great interpersonal skills is WHY it succeeded. I don't know how a letter would have gone over. The birth mother did say we could visit her anytime and she would be happy to write us.  I adopted from the Kirov region.  

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