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We had mixed feelings about starting the search but had a lot of questions about how our son even came into the baby house.  Ruslan's team discovered that the information we'd initially been given was incorrect.  Ruslan found a key family member for us.  His team was very thorough.  They answered the questions we had and got photos and information that we will be able to give our son when he is older.  We're very glad we did the search.

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Alexa & Pete:
(Proud Parents of Remy & Rory)

Anna & Ruslan worked together to conduct birth parent searches for our two adopted daughters. They were extremely professional, thorough, caring, and discreet. We were very satisfied with their work.

Ruslan obtained all kinds of important information for us - information pertaining to birth relatives, birth siblings, birth family medical history, birth family professions and hobbies, etc. He also gave us photos of the birth mothers and the birth mothers' families.

The information he sent us will be invaluable to our daughters as they grow older and begin asking questions about where they came from. We are very happy that we chose to go ahead with the searches. What we now know is the ultimate "gift" for our girls - the gift of information!

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Amy and Geoff, Michigan:

We adopted our son from Moscow in December 2001 at 10 months of age, and two years later we adopted our daughter from St. Petersburg at 12 mo. of age. The day before our court date to adopt our daughter, we were pleasantly surprised by a visit from her biological aunt. We were fortunate to learn about her birth family, medical histories, and were given many photos.

As happy as we were to have this information for our daughter, it saddened us that we had such limited information and no pictures for our son. We decided to move forward with a search for his birth mom, and contacted Ruslan. The search was quick and successful, and we now have more information for our son than we ever could have imagined! We received a multiple page detailed report (all of our questions answered and more!), copies of family photos, and many high quality digital photos of our son’s birthmother’s home and town.

Learning such important information that we never knew, like our son’s Moldovan ethnicity, having a biological sister, medical histories, family names, photos….absolutely priceless! Ruslan and Leva were extremely honest and professional...we highly recommend them.

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Angela, Midwest:

I adopted my daughter from Kazakhstan in 2003. I often wondered if the information I was given about my daughter's biological family was true, but quite honestly, did not spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Then, a friend of mine used Anna and Ruslan to locate her adopted daughter's birth family with much success. It got me thinking about what I would one day tell my daughter when she asked those tough questions about her roots, her birth family, and why she was given up. I guess I just assume she will one day want to know, and I want to able to look her in the eye and tell her everything I can no matter how painful it may be. It was because of this, I decided to have Ruslan find my daughter's family. I figured if he couldn't find them, I could at least tell my daughter I did everything I could to find out this information for her.

It is such a delicate process! I was very nervous! I started being worried about many things. Things like what if the officials of the country found out and they stopped adoption, or what if the birth mother did not want to know about her daughter and rejected her yet once again, OR what if I caused danger to the birth mother by exposing a huge secret she had worked so hard to conceal. I then decided that having Ruslan approach my daughter's birth mother was the perfect answer as he would understand the culture much better than ANY American would, and should the biological mother not want to know anything about the child she gave up, it would be easier for her to tell Ruslan. I also knew that Ruslan would handle this with integrity and confidence.

My fears were cut short as Ruslan quickly found my daughter's birth mother and she was relieved to hear her child was okay. All the information Ruslan found out about her matched the information I was given when I adopted my daughter. My daughter's birth mother is not perfect, none of them are, but she is my child's birth mother and that is all that matters.

I highly recommend Ruslan and Anna's services. Ruslan will be honest and will tell it like it is. The best advice I can give is to not have any pre-conceived notions. Realize that people giving up children for adoption in other countries is not like it is here. According to my research, they do not give up their children because they "want a better life for them" as few know that their children will end up in America. Remember the culture is vastly different from ours. Be sure you find your children's birth family for the right reasons. I believe you must be prepared for worst, but hope for the best!

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Angela, Germany

About 3 years after we adoptet our son we thought about finding out his birth parents. We knew about Anna and Ruslan from our friends, who also a adoptet a child. They had contactet to Anna and Ruslan and the birthmother of their son was found. They told us about the good experiences they made. So we decided to contact too.

We must say, that Ruslan did a lot of efforts and hard work to find the birthparents of our son.We never expectet to get as many information as we got . Ruslan contactet many other relatives and friends of the family and we got several pictures of them and even of our son when he was a baby. Now we know the circumstances of the relinquishment and we can understand why the birthmother decided to do this. For our son it will be very important to know this, when he wants to know it in a few years.

We also had very good correspondence during the whole process of finding the birthparents and getting pictures and information. We are glad that we took this way of finding the birthfamily and recommend to do this.

We are very satisfied with yours and Rulan´s work. We always felt been good informed and it seems to me as if Ruslan has a very good subtel intuiton to get in touch with  relatives and birthparents of adoptet childs. We are very glad to find peope like you who do such a difficult job. Although i think this job is also very satisfactory. Thank you fort he offer of correspondence. We will take this offer certainly for 1-2 times a year. We are glad that there is a big interest of the birthfamily.

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Beth, USA:

We decided to do a search for our daughter's biological grandmother about 1.5 years after our adoption from Ukraine. Our daughter talked often about her grandmother and wondered about her grandmother's health and well-being. We knew from the official records that our daughter had lived with her grandmother for a period of time and that the grandmother had visited her in the orphanage a few times. We used Ruslan and Anna after meeting Anna and are pleased with our decisions both to do the search and to use this group. Anna was very helpful and supportive despite all the uncertainty going into the search -- will Ruslan find them, will they want to talk to him, will they tell us things about the family that our daughter will want to know?

We were able to send a letter to the grandmother (which Ruslan translated) and some photographs of our daughter in her new home. Ruslan delivered exactly as he promised. We sent Anna the information that we had from official records and we received a travel time, a price, and an estimate of when his report would be delivered to us. Ruslan did make the trip as promised, found the biological family and wrote a very sensitive report of his findings. We felt that he was very sensitive both to our situation and to the situation of the biological family. We also received many photos of grandmother, great grandmother, aunts, cousins, biological parents and even two precious photographs of our daughter as an infant. We also have some stories of our little one's early life that we often share with her and she loves it! The search has, for the moment, satisfied our daughter's curiosity. We are glad to have this information to answer some of the questions she may have in the future.

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Beth O'Malley, Boston Massachusetts:

Search for my daughter’s birth parents? In Kazakhstan? Absolutely not! But I did. It seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity. I am grateful my child now has pictures and information instead of blank spaces. In fact, I’m using Ruslan again to try and get additional birth family pictures. I had heard about ‘searching’ soon after we returned with our baby from Kazakhstan from an Internet friend. It was a huge exercise in trust that spring of 2004. Plus we were broke from the adoption. It helped a great deal that I didn’t have to send any money ‘up front’.

Actually I didn’t even have to pay unless Ruslan was successful. Successful he was. In the multi paged report I received, it was clear he was respectful yet able to work through the birth mother’s initial shock and resistance to being ‘found.’ I also received many digital pictures both of the birth family and village where they lived. Priceless. I must confess that I didn’t see a strong resemblance between my daughter and her birth mother. The birth mother even told Ruslan “she looks more like her father.” Since I work in the field of adoption, there were many paternity tests I had witnessed only to discover kids who ‘looked’ like the father weren’t even related. How did I know he didn’t just take pictures of anyone? There were pieces of information in the report that only the birth mother would have known. Ruslan didn’t have that information. I knew for certain that he had truly ‘found’ the right person.

I have been very impressed with Ruslan’s work and also dealing with his US contact---Anna Sternad. She is an adoptive mother and adoptee, (same as me), thus understanding the need to know on many levels. This is more of a service they provide—if they were in it just for the money they could certainly charge a lot more than they do. You never know when things are going to change with countries and adoption. I never wanted my daughter to say “and you didn’t even try?”

Beth O’Malley M.Ed, adoptee, adoptive mother, and author of Lifebooks: Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child

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