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International Adoption Search Birth Families LLC


About Us

My son, Justin, was adopted from Ukraine in 2001. Ruslan, the translator that I met there, was an excellent guide. After Justin and I were home in the United States for a few months, I emailed Ruslan and asked him to look for my son’s birth family. He was able to find them, meet with them and give them a translated letter and pictures from me.

Ruslan was able to provide me with their full names, addresses, phone numbers, medical information and other family history. He found out the circumstances of the birth and relinquishment and other information such as their hobbies and interests. He also took pictures of Justin’s birth mother, birth father, grandmother, and siblings. During this process, Ruslan was very considerate of the birth mother and her family.

By choice, I have remained completely anonymous with the birth family. However, with Ruslan as an intermediary, I have been able to correspond and exchange pictures with them. Such information has been a priceless treasure. One day it will answer important questions for Justin and bring peace to his mind. Being adopted myself, I felt this was very important for me to do.

Since January 2002, Ruslan has helped more than 1000 families find their children's birth families, including ones that were written about in

  1. The Washington Post
  2. The Vancouver Sun
  3. Newsweek
  4. The Kentucky Courier-Journal .
  5. Denver Post
  6. Adoptive Families Magazine
  7. Adoption Today
  8. Lifebook: Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child
  9. FRUA Norcal and Washington DC Newsletters

Please see the Press section for more information.

Please contact us about the adoption of your child. If the birth parents are from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Krygyzstan, any other former Soviet Union countries, Romania, Colombia, Costa Rica or Guatemala, we may be able to locate your child's birth family.

We offer to completely arrange your personal (one family only) trip, including in country air/train/taxi travel, translator/guide 24 hours a day, driver, meetings between the adoptive families and birth families, sight-seeing, lodging, etc. If the birth family is from another area, we may be able to expand our search area.

Warm regards,

Anna Sternad James
International Adoption Search Birth Families, LLC - Founder and Director                                        














Searcher's hike to find a birth family









A letter and drawing from an adopted
child to his newly found birth family sibling