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International Adoption Search Birth Families LLC


Searching for the Birth Family of an Adopted Child

International Adoption Search Birth Families LLC provides professional services to find the birth families of adopted children. Our services include anonymous or open communication with the birth family, medical and family history, relinquishment circumstances, translations, many pictures and DVDs.

If the birth parents of your adopted child are from the areas of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Krygyzstan, any other former Soviet Union countries, Bulgaria, Romania, Colombia, Costa Rica or Guatemala, we may be able to help you. If the birth family is from another area, we may be able to expand our search area.

Birth Country Travels and Birth Family Meetings – One Adoptive Family Per Trip

We have been helping adoptive families find birth families for over 11 years. This is our calling and we love helping everyone; the adopted child, the adoptive families, and the birth families.Our translators/guides/searchers are very experienced, professional, and know how to handle such delicate situations.

We offer to completely arrange your personal (one family only) trip, including in country air/train/taxi travel, translator/guide 24 hours a day, driver, meetings between the adoptive families and birth families, sight-seeing, lodging, etc. You let us know when/where/what you would like to do on that whole trip. It is your personal trip with us, for just your family.

Correspondence, Packages, Transfers, and Translation Services

We offer to be correspondence intermediaries between adoptive and birth families. We can also buy gifts and mail packages, and do transfers if needed. This can ease these type of communications and maintain your privacy. We also offer timely high quality translation services.

Please contact us to learn more about our services. All inquiries are treated with the highest confidentiality.